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Having transformed more than 440,000 whiteboards into interactive whiteboards, MimioClassroom™ products are respected and enjoyed by educators around the world.

What if a team of world-class engineers collaborated with administrators and teachers to develop a new standard for fully integrated, user-friendly interactive teaching tools?

Imagine a family of easy-to-use tools that work together to help you teach creatively and allow students to learn actively.
Tools that dramatically expand your teaching options and streamline how you meet everyday challenges. You could focus on simply teaching, with no worries about dealing with technology. Class would be more visual and engaging for students. They would learn more, and enjoy it more.

Our new family of MimioClassroom interactive technologies provides all these benefits and more.
We understand that your teaching style is unique, and that you need flexible interactive technologies to teach effectively. With MimioClassroom products, you choose what you need and what your budget allows. Each tool offers powerful advantages when used alone. But even better, the tools complement each other and work seamlessly together when used in combination.

MimioClassroom products make teaching with technology easy.
They come with an extensive library of ready-to-use lesson plans and activities for every subject and grade level. You can count on ease of use and simple installation with the entire lineup of tools. Take your products out of the box, set them up by yourself in a few minutes, and begin creating lessons with exciting multimedia content. MimioClassroom products work with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, as well as popular software including Microsoft PowerPoint and Adobe Acrobat. And MimioStudio software easily imports lesson plans created using other interactive whiteboard software.

We meet the ongoing needs of educators with great support programs.

We offer a flexible lineup of training courses, available online or in person, on everything from MimioClassroom basics to advanced topics. And we have a vibrant online community, where you can connect and share knowledge with fellow Mimio users.

Mimio Classroom Resources

What if support and training programs were designed to meet your needs and schedule?

Join Mimio online community of avid Mimio educators.
The MimioConnect™ website was created for educators, by educators. Membership is free and includes a wealth of valuable resources available in numerous languages with native-speaking moderators:

    • An extensive library of lesson plans and activities
    • Tips on how to get the most from Mimio products
    • Groups to fit your interests and answer questions
    • Forums for discussion and collaboration 24/7
    • News on Mimio products, training, and events

Mimio support programs are available in numerous languages, with native-speaking moderators.
Providing their worldwide community of educators with a comprehensive lineup of training programs, many for free and others for a nominal fee. Upon completion, you will receive documentation.
Mimio online resources give you the ultimate in flexibility to learn at your own pace. View or download materials including video tutorials, PDF guides, and reference cards. If you prefer more structure, take part in one of our virtual classes. You’ll have regular class meetings and the chance to chat in real time with your classmates and expert moderators.
Our in-person programs offer a focused opportunity to develop training skills and learn how our technologies are being used in the classroom. You’ll interact with other Mimio users, including our expert instructors (who are also Mimio teachers). You’ll make valuable connections to further your professional development and receive high quality workshop materials.

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