MimioStudio 9.1 New Version

Educational Software for the Interactive Classroom

DYMO/Mimio’s award-winning MimioStudio™ educational software is the only interactive software you need to create and deliver engaging interactive whiteboard lessons in your classroom.
MimioStudio educational software offers a range of innovative tools and intuitive features that make interactive learning and teaching easier. You’ll only need to learn a single interactive software program to control all of your MimioClassroom™ products – and you’ll get up to speed quickly because it’s so intuitive.

Recognition Tools
Convert your handwriting into typed text and your hand-drawn shapes into perfectly formed geometry, easily and quickly.
Presentation Tools
Spice up your interactive whiteboard lessons using Spotlight and Reveal tools. Slide transitions and animations are also at your fingertips within the interactive software.
Educational Content
Draw from a wide range of lesson content in MimioStudio Gallery. There are many downloadable Content Packs and lessons, and the new ActivityWizard can generate high-quality activities in minutes.
File Compatibility
Import existing resources in many file types (including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Adobe, Smart, Promethean and IWB) directly into MimioStudio interactive software.
Screen Recording
Record your screen as a video for tutorial purposes, or take static screenshots of anything on your computer to incorporate in your lessons.
Grade Scoring
Automatically record student answers with MimioStudio Gradebook – save valuable time you used to spend hand-grading tests.

MimioStudio educational software is available in 33 languages, and can be installed and run across multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems.
Intuitive MimioStudio educational software seamlessly integrates your MimioClassroom devices, for a truly user-friendly experience